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How to Write a Good Blog Post

Posted at — Jul 25, 2016

I know most of you will skip this article thinking its does not hold much importance, but recommend you all to read this article at least one. You will loose nothing but gain something. I’ve seen many articles that are very well written but not well presented. In order, this should not happen to you, here is my today’s article where I’ll tell you some points that will help you to write a good blog post. Lets start :

Write eye catching post title

If you are on WordPress, you can write two titles for a single post. First title to catch readers attention and second title for search engine optimization. When selecting a heading for your article make sure it is short and attractive. Heading should be interesting and should match the post content. This will increase the click through rate and will get more page visits.

Make post title SEO friendly

As told above, WordPress helps you to write two post titles. How ? I’ll tell you. You can do it by installing a plugin called All in One SEO pack. It allows you to write a different post title for search engines.

After writing your article, you can write another title, meta description and give meta tags by navigating the same page below, this is what you will see :How to Write a Good Blog Post

Now, the question is what is an Search Engine friendly post title. Below are two post titles for a single post :

  1. Amazing Waterfall Pix
  2. Amazing Waterfall images

Which is better in terms of search engines ? The answer is the second one because it includes the word “images” that is more commonly used and searched than the word “pix”. So, in this way always use those words in post title that are commonly searched.

Short introduction

You article’s introduction should be of 5-6 lines not more than that. Always remember that you’ve only one chance to impress your readers through your article , so the introduction should not be too long that your reader loose interest in your article. To,make the introductory paragraph more attractive you can give related link to previous articles and can also add thumbnails.

No grammatical and spelling mistakes

Well, your article should not have any grammatical and spelling mistake, by default WordPress gives an option to run a spell check and includes 11 languages. Have a look :How to Write a Good Blog Post

Is the content already written ?

Before writing any post make a search and confirm that the content you are writing is new or already discussed in “xyz” blog. If it is already discussed then gather some new points and make your article new and spicy by adding those points. There is no use of rewriting same content again.

Ask for comments and feedback

In order to interact with your readers always ask for comments and feedback in the end of the post. This will help you to get more comments to your post.

Use bullets

Always remember one thing, no ones likes to read that long paragraphs, so always try to write short and in points. Try it once and your readers will enjoy reading your article.

Give screenshots

To make your post more appealing always start your post with a matching screenshot. You can search for images from Flickr. Do not forget to give credits.

Re-read your blog post

It is good to read your post at least 3-4 times before publishing it. It it my personal experience that while reading your post you will get alot of new ideas on how to improve it.

Interlink your previous articles with suitable keyword before publishing your. Want to know about interlinking in detail ?

Some more useful points here:

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