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Principles of Successful Web Design Freelancing

Posted at — Nov 9, 2015

Web Design can be a challenging and rewarding field for freelancers. There are many aspects to creating and maintaining successful relationships with your clients while in this field. Here are the top 5 tips for successful web design as a freelancer:

web design freelancing

Time over Money

When you are discussing a new project with a potential client, you always want them to see the pros and not the cons of your work. Specifically, you want to emphasize how much time and hassle you will be saving them over the investment that they will be making into you and your work. If you are still having issues with the pricing however, you can always ask to raise the amount or simply reject that particular project.

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Quality over Quantity

Many times, when it comes to web design, the quality can mean everything. What this means when discussing with a potential client is that you need to make sure that they understand what your projected timeline is for the project they are asking and why it will take that amount of time. You can explain that you will put in more effort and details than someone else will in a shorter time frame. It is your job to remind them why they want to work with you instead of someone else.

Anchor your prices

When working with clients, many times there is a pricing issue. This can involve many aspects, such as knowing the full scope of the project beforehand, knowing how to plan for any potential hurdles, deciding if you will be paid hourly or on a fixed rate scale, and many other things. The important thing is to have a base anchor rate that you can comfortably offer your clients. From here, you can see if they fall below or above your preferred pay rate. When being reasonable about your prices, there is no reason to undermine yourself by cutting the price simply to gain a client. There are many who will pay for what your work is worth.

The Waterfall Method

This is a great way to stay organized and focused during a web design project. The way it works is that you set up a basic timeline that you can adapt and use for many different web design projects. It is your go to set up. Then you can fill in whatever steps you believe will be required to get from the beginning to the end of the project. As you complete each step, you move on to the next one in logical order. As you do this, you can keep clients informed of what step you are on and they can see the progression of your work. The downside is that it is not flexible and does not plan for hurdles or setbacks that there may be.

The Anchor Method

This is a popular method for freelancers when getting web design projects done. This is a much more flexible method to work with. It allows you to create mini projects inside of the main one that you are doing for your client. By doing this, you can focus on one area of the site, fill in the client on your progress and proceed to the next area. This allows you to have more freedom when choosing what to do and when to do it.

web design freelancing

In conclusion, there are many ways to be successful as a web design freelancer. With these tips, you should have no problem getting more jobs, increasing your productivity, and enjoying more of what you love to do.

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