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How to Update the Wordpress Header

Posted at — Oct 3, 2014

It is always better to be different, if you want to make your presence felt. Customizing your WordPress header can do just that for you it can make your website unique and stand out.

The good thing about WordPress is that a number of themes it offers come with an option that allows you to upload a custom image header. This is a perfect way for customizing and personalizing your website. Further, a lot of WordPress themes are free, making it all the more feasible to try them out.

Here is a lowdown for beginners to make WordPress header in easy steps.

How To Upload A Custom Header Image

You begin by opening the Customizer. To do this, first login to Wordpress as admin user. Then in the left side bar locate the ‘Appearance’ menu item. Some themes would have a header menu item under ‘Appearance’. Some themes would have the header option in the themes customizer options. Check whether your theme has a customize option

Wordpress Header menu item

Once you click the Header option, you can opt to choose one of your own images or pick one from the selection offered by wordpress.

wordpress header image option

If you want to change an existing image on the Header; you can do so by selecting the image. This allows you to pick images from the media library on your blog as well as lets you upload one from your computer. Uploading images from the computer is a simple procedure, where in you need to simply drag and drop the selected image.

Once an image has ben selected you can crop it to suit your theme’s dimension.

When you finsih cropping the image, go to the ‘Save’ tab located at the bottom right of the page, click on it for the changes to apply.

The changes are made instantly and you will now be able to see the new image on your Header.

To attain best results upload images in precise sizes.

Transparency of an image can be preserved if it is in .png or .gif format.

Adjusting Header Text

A majority of themes exhibit the blog’s title right on the header or right next to it. The color of the title can be adjusted according to your preference. Go to ‘Customize’ and select the ‘Colors’ tool to make changes.

You can also make desired changes to the title and tagline by going to ‘Customize’ and selecting ‘Site Title’.

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