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Customizing a Submit Button using CSS

Posted at — Nov 11, 2015

Using a simple Submit button code in your forms will result in  not very inspiring appearance <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" /> This code gets you this submit button simple-submit-button

If you need a bit more stylish submit button, it is simple using some CSS. First customize the background style and then update the HTML text color code.

Here is a simple button demo: [codepen_embed height="268” theme_id="0” slug_hash="NGLeQz” default_tab="result” user="prasanthmj”]See the Pen NGLeQz[/codepen_embed]


Here are some more awesome examples: [codepen_embed height="268” theme_id="0” slug_hash="HDqIF” default_tab="result” user="Karsten-vom-Wege”]See the Pen [/codepen_embed]

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