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How to Promote Events on Social Media

Posted at — Jan 5, 2015

people and events How to Promote Events on Social Media So, you have that event that you want to advertise so much and make a killing out of it but there are several problems. One you don’t have enough money to pay for the conventional advertising and the other is, even if you did, you wouldn’t know where to start. Making matters worse, you have a short time frame to work some magic and there is no time for producing an advert. Well what if someone told you that you can reach almost the same number you would on TV if not more on your social page and use that to promote your event and what’s more, it wouldn’t cost you as much. Are you intrigued? Read on and find out how.

Create a video that can be shared

promote events social media After you have done your due diligence and you have posted the event, you can create a small video. It doesn’t have to be professional but it has to be intriguing enough for people to want to share. It is better if it is related to the theme of the event but given how humans and especially those on social media love suspense don’t give away too much about the event on the video. Include the video on your event page, articles and with any affiliates that you may have. You can also host it on Vimeo and YouTube and upload it on face book to help cover more ground. Give away tickets to create hype. promote-events -social- media People love contests. Especially those in which they win free things so why not take advantage of this to drum up some buzz and pass the word around faster. This is also a great way to generate interest about the event in a very short time. For better chances of participation, start by describing the prize and how to participate. Also ensure that you hint a little about the event in this contest. It would help if you hold it over a considerable period of time even if you would be giving one or two tickets on each contest. Remember that you have to keep the requirements super easy to maximize on participation. Also see How to Use Targeted Facebook Ads to Promote an Event

Interview Speakers for special content.

Interview a prominent person that will attend the event maybe a speaker or a guest that has been there before. This is a great way of generating special content that will help keep the buzz going. It is also a great way of letting people that plan to attend the event know what they should expect. Make sure that before you post the video you precede it with a graphic poster of your speaker. That way you continue to keep the suspense going and add some glamour to it such that many people will be anxious on watching the interview once you post it.

Create tweet.

By this time, so many people can’t wait to get to your event. Why don’t you take advantage of this anticipation to help the word cross around by asking them to click a button asking their friends to attend the same event? This is a simple customized text that you can add to the “Thanks for registering” page. You can also send out an event invitation on social websites like Face book to have a wider reach. also see 6 Tips for Planning and Promoting a Successful Event on Facebook

The best thing about social media is that if your get everything right, things spread like a wild fire. You have more chances of reaching a million people here with little or absolutely no funds than you would on TV especially given all the bureaucracy that they take you through. With this simple tips, that figure just went further up. (photo credits:Peter Mooney)

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