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Profit from parked domains

Posted at — Feb 2, 2016

domain search Ever imagine what exactly domain parking is and how it’s been done? It is an easy way to earn extra income from a domain name which has no website placed on it yet. In another way, depending on your choice, you can make it an online money making system.

If you choose to park a domain name pending your readiness to set your website up or, you are solely in to domain parking as your main money making business, same approach applies to both. The first step to take is for you to find a reputable company (site) to park your domain. The site being the intermediary, displays advertisements on the parked site. It is essential to ensure the company you are using is a good one because they will be responsible for organizing the advertisers as well as the issuance of your checks.

Secondly, you will need to decide on your budget for the domain names to buy. Are you going for already existing domains with traffic and popularity which will cost more or, buying new unregistered domain names that are relatively cheap.(for a better idea of domain costs, see how much does a domain cost)

New and unregistered domain names cost about $10 annually while a domain name already in existence with huge traffic are expensive ranging from $100+ to $100,000+. Though, with existing domain name, you are at a better chance of making more money than new unregistered ones. You have to search for an expired domain or buy domain from someone else - when the website is dead or nearly dead.

If you intend to buy an existing domain name from an auction site, it will be wise of you to find a number of highly recommended auction sites and get acquainted with their process.

It’s so easy to find yourself so engaged in the auction process that you will not realize until later, just how much beyond your budget you‘ve spent. This is not a good approach to conduct business hence; you should first decide on your budget, get to know the auction process and ensure to be within your budgeted amount.

Should you need the domain for personal use but not quite ready for its use at the moment, but will love to make some money with it, then you need not worry about auction sites. Getting an unregistered new domain name from any of the registrars online will work perfectly fine and there are quite a number of them to choose from.

Finding a reputable company is important irrespective of the choice you make. You would want a company that will pay a minimum of 85percent of the profit made from ads placed on your parked site to you. You can customize the parked page with some registrars. More so, a company that lets you make the best of your landing page so as to enable you maximize the return on your investment and also get a good click through rate-CTR.

domain-agreement Where you are trapped with a company that denies you control over your parked domain, you might almost regret your decision of parking your domain Domain parking is an exceptional technique in online income generation. Whether your reason for parking the newly bought domain name you are not ready to get on is to make some extra income or for full time earnings, there is quite a lot of prospect for making money. However, same like doing other things, it is important to know what you are up to.

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