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6 Interesting and Effective Ideas to Advertise a Pizza Shop

Posted at — Nov 18, 2013

Pizza shops, whether big or small are always looking for interesting and lucrative pizza advertising ideas to attract attention of people and motivate them to try their pizzas and turn them into happy repeat customers. Implementing unique, interesting and creative advertising ideas can help you build recognition and grab attention of the weary. Here are some amazing pizza advertising ideas for pizza shop.

Paid advertising is more about printed and television advertisements. In this type of advertisement you pay for billboards, newspapers and magazines. The cost of the campaign differs on the basis of medium of communication that you choose. For prints ads, you can take help of graphic designers or cartoonist to design the advertisement if you don’t already have.

pizza advertisement [source]

Yard Signs

Placing yard signs all over the neighborhood and nearby areas is also a good way to advertise your business. It is advised to put these signs around local grocery shops, multi-brand stores and chemists. It will help you grab good number of potential customers. Do not forget to include your business address and phone on the sign board. Make sure you put a mouth-watering pizza on your sign to attract the gaze of your target audience.

pizza advertisement idea [source]

Vinyl Banner

This is a good way to attract the attention of passers-by from a distance. Vinyl banners use vibrant and pop-out colors that really make a perfect choice to announce great new promotions or grand opening. The colors and large text is easy to read from a distance, making your message clear and effective. You can advertise new products, introductory offers or daily discounts on such banner over your pizza shop.

Car Magnets

Delivery drivers can do a lot to in regards to building brand recognition. Why not let your tempting pizza pictures travel all around the neighborhood and do free of cost brand building.

Putting up personalized car magnets or vehicle magnetic in delivery vehicles is a great way to attract people to your shop. Since the magnets can be easily removed without any damage to the vehicle, it has become one of the most effective forms of signage. pizza-advertisement-idea-4 [source]

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Lettering is a traditional and effective way for any pizza shop to advertise its offerings, products and discounts. Indeed, this is a professional choice of store owners to display store timings and phone numbers on their windows. So why not use them to display menu categories on your window to entice customers to try different variety of pizza, pastas, and desserts.

Window Clings

Window clings are short term promotion signs, but highly effective. It is a great way to attract customers looking for a great deal to feed their whole family a nice pizza treats. Put your announcements and special deals on window clings on the front window of your shop to attract potential customers. In short, this is a quick way to give your customers the reason to stop and dine-in.

Web &  Social Media

Alternatively, you can use social media networking sites to brand your business. Most people nowadays prefer looking online to find restaurants and other required services. Using a Facebook fan page to market your pizza shop can offer a tremendously low-cost advertising option, along with the ability to reach unlimited audience surfing the internet. Sharing special discount coupons or daily specials on Facebook page can build customer loyalty.

Here are some more ideas to spice up your social networking capaign:

Facebook Campaigns

Youtube videos

Creative social campaigns

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