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How to Build a Personal Brand through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Posted at — Nov 11, 2015

Personal branding is a vital aspect of a successful career. If you have been thinking of only branding your company and propagating it, then you will be surprised to know that personal branding will attract more loyal clients than organizational branding. Personal branding, as the name suggests, is about creating a brand for you. It is to put forth yourself in the market so that you can build a strong reputation for your capabilities and services. Just like organization branding, personal branding also requires you to network on social media sites. This will keep your potential clients informed about your expertise.


Personal Branding through Social Media

social mediaSocial media plays a huge role in introducing you to the world out there and keep you updated about the requirements that you can cater to. The first step obviously for you is to get a sign-up account on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Ensure that you have a good profile description entailed to your account. You then need to make use of your account to network with people and build a strong web presence. See also: How to market your brand on every social media channel


The best thing about Twitter is that it allows you to follow any one and easily interact with the people who you feel will add value to your professional stature in terms of knowledge and propagation. When dealing with Twitter, ensure that you regularly post insightful information. Also, tweet back (re-tweet) famous quotes by leaders in your field. You can also post your comments to the tweets of other significant personalities. In this way, people reading their tweets will get to know you too.


Personal branding through Facebook could get tricky because many people maintain personal and professional contacts together. If you are fine with this setup, then brand yourself using the same account. Else it is always a good idea to have a professional page dedicated to branding you based on your career requirements. Using hash-tag while posting on Facebook, will make your posts much popular. Post relevant pictures, quotes and blogs to keep your page interesting.


linkedinBeing a professional in today’s world requires you to have a Linkedin account. 70% of the recruitments happen over this portal which means that the profiles here are much more trusted and revered to be of good quality. This is also a good place for you build pure professional contacts and keep in touch with them. Make very sure that you have an impressive profile with your job profile, educational details and work experience listed out properly. Make connections and build your contact list to include more number of people from your profession. This will increase your visibility in the industry.

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There are many portals which allow you to manage a common dashboard for your social media accounts. By making use of these, you can easily post interesting and relevant information on to all of your accounts. This will help you stay ahead of the crowd and showcase your uniqueness.


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