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Great techniques for better reading posts and articles

Posted at — Nov 20, 2015

Having a prearranged or structured day means having an industrious day. When we are prepared in the precise approach, we can achieve more because we don’t fritter away time probing for the next fixation to do. Being orderly means functioning in a manner that is well thought-out and unruffled. It means staying away from frenetic multitasking that result to poor performance and incomplete work. This is obviously not a good sign of progress to the company or the person involved. The same applies to the web world. In order to write lucratively for web, you need to keep in mind that good and great content is not the only requirement in being successful in this particular field. Yes, you must have what the readers want the most but also your way of presenting your content brings about a huge difference.

If you want people to keep on coming for more in your web then you most cover a multifarious topic that can easily be broken into a progression of posts then have your paragraphs structured properly preferably in the inverted pyramid approach. Once that is done here are some straightforward design techniques that will make your content more appealing and also reader friendly. Keep in mind that featuring one idea per paragraph and keeping them short but informative plays a huge deal in attracting the targeted readers.

a. Always break your content into subheadings

Having a capturing heading is a key factor in attracting readers this is then made better by the availability of interesting subheadings that keep the reader engaged and yearning for more information. The subheadings must be fascinating and also informative. Do not over exaggerate on the facts otherwise the readers may lose credibility in your content.

bullet listsb. Always make use of bulleted lists

This helps in creating irresistible fascinations to your readers it also helps in presenting manifold points that are easily scanned. Most importantly a bulleted list creates a different look that is easily captured by the reader.

c. Make use of premeditated formatting and deep captions

Use of deep captions is so effective when paired with an image especially when the captions are two to three sentences long. They create such an attractive aspect that ensures the readers stay glued to your article till the end. Strategic formatting helps in putting more emphasis to your wed its put into use by may be bolding the most important concepts in the article. It’s spotted by just a single glance.

HyperlinkThe use of both internal and external links in your content makes most readers to trust and believe in your information. The frequent use of internal links keeps a lot of readers in your site and also reading your most excellent materials while the external links show that you did the necessary research that is needed in writing the article.

Once you have used the above mentioned techniques, it’s important to go through your content once again to ensure that there no minor errors in the article that might end up annoying the reader and most of all making the reader to lose interest in your writing.


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