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Building a niche online shopping website

Posted at — Nov 25, 2013

One great way to have a successful shopping website is to really focus on a very specific niche. There are host of online niche stores selling products and it is very easy to not even get noticed in between these sites. It really takes effort to stand out from these thousands of online sites and make profits.

First, let us understand what does niche store mean. Niche store is the one that deals in goods of a specific specialization. There are many online stores which indulge in selling products of a particular niche. Then there are those micro niche shopping sites that really focus:

These niche online shopping stores are not like general online shopping stores like or which are very huge and sell a number of products. When one is shopping online they prefer going to big online stores directly. They online narrow their search if the things required are not available on their favorite or popular sites. This is where niche online shopping site gets a plus point. For instance, if one wants to buy a coffee machine they prefer the famous sites, but if they want something specific like crochets or knitting needles or quilts, they will turn to niche online shopping sites.

Research the niche first

When people buy online they prefer online niche store as they get a whole variety of products related to their search. However before one thinks of starting an online shopping site they have to do their homework well. They have to research the market and find out what products are in demand. If they have already thought about the product they will be selling, then they have to make a market research on their competition sites. Along with that they have to compare all the similar sites and then decide a unique thing that is not incorporated in that site into yours. That unique thing will be the USP of your online shopping site. The success of niche online shopping site lies only in selecting the correct product and having a great marketing strategy to sell of those products.

Setting up the shop

The first step in building an online shopping site is registering a domain name or name of their website. The domain name will carry the niche words and will say a lot about the site. This will ensure that the people visiting the site will understand what the site is about by just the name of the site.One can decide on their own what name they wish to give to their site or they can take help of domain name providers site. Some of the best sites which help with in getting good domain names are, network solutions,, Domain and so on. One can also go for premium domain names. Premium domain names are those which were registered previously and are now available for resale. They are helpful because they are remembered by people and some are even popular.

Once selection is done, you can move ahead and buy hosting from a web hosting provider. One has to take care that they should not get trapped in free hosting sites offers. These sites prevent the site from being yours under your name. So it is better to shell out a few bucks and hire a proper web hosting provider.

Online Shopping Cart

Once all things are in place, you will need a nice shopping cart. One has to be very careful when it comes to shopping cart as it is the most important thing for you as well as the customers who are shopping online. A shopping cart has to be easy to set up and user friendly. It should have SEO friendly features, for instance mega tag generator and so on. It should be secure, hence it should be PCI, PA -DSS certified. It should have best payment and shipment support, currency and language support and many other features. The shopping cart platform should also support social media. You can take help of sites which can help you create shopping cart. , It should have best Product Picture management and editing, customer management and contact back up. Some of the online shopping carts providers are,, 1shopping and so on. Sites like gives additional services like gateways for seventy payments. It helps to accept payment directly from credit cards from all over the globe. Some other features of shopping cart include rating payments either by fixed price rate or by weight based. Other important part of shipping cart is shipping rate. They provide business and unlimited plans through shipping rates are directly given through shipping carriers.

These sites do not limit shopping cart features only to computers. They provide specialized services like mobile commerce shopping cart. This feature helps people to shop while traveling. They can view products, shop and order from their mobile device too.

Another important thing one has to not forget when they build shopping site is a logo. This logo will symbolize your niche. In other words it will be a picture of what your site has to offer. There are many sites which makes logos. Some of the best logo maker sites are,, and so on. Some sites even have the provision where one can themselves make logos online.

The last and the least thing which one has to take note of while creating niche online shopping site is design. many sites like,, help you to design site. However one has to remember that customers are not attracted to sites because of their designs, but because of the ease of finding their product on the site and more access to the required information. Hence to build a shopping website one should divide their products into categories for easy accessibility. One also has to see that they provide ample and correct information of products they want to sell on their niche shopping sites.

All the above things will ensure that you have a good online shopping site for yourself which is a gateway to sell your products.

Promoting your online shop

Now that you have your website ready to take customers, you have to work really hard to get people to your website. In fact, this is the most tough and crucial step. We will look into some of the best promotion methods like Google Adwords, Banner advertisements, Social Media sites etc in the upcoming posts.

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