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Is CAPTCHA Essential In Your Web Forms?

Posted at — Feb 18, 2015

Captcha, which stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart is a program that is utilized in to identify whether the computer user is a human or not. The program protects the websites from bots through grading tests that computer programs cannot pass but humans can.

is captcha required

This term was conceptualized by Manuel Blum, Luis Von Ahn, John Langford and Nicholas Hopper in 2000. One of the earlier types of captcha needs the users to type particular letters that are shown in distorted images appearing on your computer screen. Sometimes, captcha comes in distorted letters combined with numbers. Test is particularly administered by a computer.

These days, various website and computer related hacking incidence have been happening. Robots and particular software can be used in accessing a particular site. This is why you will need to ensure that your site is protected. Through this particular technological innovation, website owners will be able to identify whether the one filling out their form is confirmed to be human.

In this test program, users are required to determine combinations of letters as well as numbers that are created in shape variations. Several things will be tested among the potential subscribers of your site. This includes segmentation that determines the humans’ ability in separating letters from each other. Invariant recognition is also needed. Furthermore, users are also required to critical context observation. Users like you are required to holistically understand each distorted shapes in order to determine correctly each character.


is captcha required

Though several people have found this valuable, there are also people who found this very disadvantageous. In fact, various criticisms were thrown giving emphasis to individuals who are not able to do it. Furthermore, for other people, this type of arrangement can just hamper their every task. If you are searching for some important thing urgently, you may become annoyed of captcha . It may slow down your work since these distorted words are also hard to be read by sometimes.

But, though it seems disturbing on the part of the users, it has also positive effects and roles to play. It serves as protection for any computer invaders that has bad intensions on a particular site. In this, site owners will be assured that users signing up in their sites are really humans and not a robot or any similar thing. But aside from captcha, there are also other alternatives that you may try.

What Are The Alternatives?

is captcha required

If you don’t really like captcha, there are other alternatives that are easy to understand and follow. This includes gamification, use of simple questions, slider, check box, forms that are time-based or honey pot and more. These are just few of the captcha alternatives that can also be beneficial in identifying if your site subscriber is a human or not.

Tests are very vital in determining whether particular person or program passed into a particular standard. With regards to your site, you will be able to secure and organize everything through these particular test instruments. Choose the best for your site security.

Image credits : Phil Whitehouse, Kevin Jarrett, mdvfunes

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