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Practical Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop

Posted at — Nov 29, 2013

etsy shopSo you have just set up your Etsy shop and uploaded photos of your products. You wait for buyers to start pouring in but so far, no luck. Most first-time Etsy sellers wonder why this happens but it is actually pretty simple. You have to promote your shop in order to let other people know that its there. You can have the best handwoven shawls or hand-carved children's toys out there but only a few will know about it without a good marketing plan. Here are a few promotional tips to help get your Etsy store noticed.

Use social media.

The power of social media can never be understated. You can invite your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other platforms to check your site out when you have new products posted. Sales, discounts and other promotional tactics will be seen by more people if you use your social connections. Many Etsy sellers find that social media platforms that have a strong visual component tend to work best for them. Sites like Instagram allow you to post photos of your products which can be more appealing to users and will likely entice them to check your site out.

Use your best photos

promote using photos Photos are usually the first things that potential customers see when they search for your products. If this is your first time taking photos for your shop, take time to read instructions on how to take attractive photos for Etsy. You will find useful tips about positioning, perspective and lighting that will help you create an eye-catching visual lineup of products.

Offer freebies, discounts, gift certificates

People love freebies. Whether you are giving away samples, eBooks, or other items, you can be sure to attract the attention of customers. You can also designate a discount day where you slash prices for some or all items on the store. Freebies are a great promotional tool if you are just starting out and want to use word of mouth to gather attention for your shop. You can make better use for this trick by offering items that speak a lot about the character of your shop or service especially if the items are easy on the eyes, useful and have lots of character.

Use packaging to promote

packaging You can use your packaging as another promotional tool. Create a packaging style that reflects the character of your store or products. Stamp the name of your website in subtle places such as the lid or one of the corners of your product boxes, or tie a handmade shop label around that mason jar of preserves. Stamp cloth bags with the name of your site along with a pretty and eye-catching logo. If you make your packaging reusable, you also raise the chances of more people, such as the friends or coworkers of previous customers, seeing your logo and knowing about your shop.

These are just a few tips on how to promote your Etsy shop. There are so many more ways to promote your shop and you are only limited by your creativity if you are really serious about creating a unique and attractive marketing plan for your store.

(photo credits:maczter k_hiramatsu slipstitch_designs, angelune)

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