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How to make money at home

Posted at — Nov 28, 2013

The Internet has revolutionized the way we view making a living. Today more and more people are ditching stale and boring careers and musty and cramped cubicles and chasing their dreams in their fluffy bunny shoes and pajamas. Earning from home is becoming popular with more and more people finding out how they can turn past hobbies into effective money making machines with the help of the world wide web.

Easy and Fun Ways to Make Money at Home

If you are one of the millions who also want to start earning from home, here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Do tasks on Fiverr If you want to have fun while making a few bucks on the side, Fiverr is the perfect site. The site allows users to get paid $5 for tasks that they agree to do. You can post the tasks you are willing to do and wait for requests to come in. Fiverr is a very fun site, with people paying for the most mundane tasks such as shoveling a person's driveway to completing requests to shave their hair for world peace.

Write content


If you are an aspiring writing you can create a career as a freelance writer by accepting jobs to write web copy online. Copywriters handle writing tasks such as providing marketing and informational copy for the web as well as providing marketing copy for products and services. The Internet has morphed into a worldwide marketplace which has also increased the demand for copywriters who know how to write web-optimized content. You can sign up for freelancing sites like oDEsk or and start writing today.

Start a photography business


More and more aspiring photographers are building and expanding their business by taking to the web. You can reach a wider audience by posting your gallery online and using your blog as an accessible portfolio for clients. You will find that you can even book international jobs if people from other countries stumble upon your work and decide to book you for a destination shoot.

Turn your crafts into merchandise

merchandise If you paint, sew, sculpt or do anything that you used to consider as a good hobby, you can start selling the same stuff online. Places like Etsy and even eBay are great places to sell virtually anything. Etsy is especially popular for handmade and quirky yet usable items. Aside from crafts you can also sell vintage clothes and jewelry and even memorabilia that are just gathering dust at home. You can hone your crafting skills and even learn new ones by signing up for sites like Udemy which offers various courses covering a wide range of topics and taught by talented instructors.

Buy and sell online

Many people are now buying from online warehouse sellers and selling the same stuff from their online stores for a profit. From clothes to make up to jewelry, you can create an online boutique in a matter of minutes and have a legitimate business up and running before the sun sets.

These are just a few creative ideas for earning online. Choose the ones that best suits your skills and talents and start earning as early as now.

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