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How to Change Footer in WordPress Once you install WordPress

Posted at — Oct 15, 2014

How to Change Footer in WordPress Once you install WordPress, you will notice some filler information in the theme you select. This information can include the designer’s brand. Each theme comes with a default footer text. Designers spend several hours to come up with the themes you find on WordPress. They include some details in the footer to direct traffic to their individual sites or make their brands visible. If you want to personalize your site, it is possible to change footer in WordPress.

You should only remove the footer if you feel it is necessary. It may be illegal to change the footer in WordPress in some themes. Read the license that comes with the theme carefully to determine if there are any restrictions. The information included in the footer may be different for each theme but you will use similar instructions to change it. Here are steps to follow to customize your theme.

Get Backup

Identify a backup that you can use to allow you to edit the files in your theme without risking information loss. There are various plugins that you can use such as BackWPUp. Check the control panel on your web host to find a backup option. Backup allows you to restore the files if a wrong line of code is entered.

Select an Editor

Most people use the WordPress theme editor to change the footer. However, this is not advisable because the editor makes live changes on your site. You cannot undo the changes that are made. This means that if there is an error, it is difficult to correct it.

To avoid this, download the specific file to your computer and select a code editor on the PC. Once the editing is complete, use FTP to upload the file.

There are numerous WordPress themes and this may make it difficult to identify the specific location of your footer link. Each footer link is placed in a different location depending on the theme.

Look for files titled credits.php and class-credits.php. You can also check for footer.php and class-main-footer.php. Keyword credits can also be helpful when you are trying to locate the theme files.

Edit File

Once you have located the theme file, you can edit it to change footer in WordPress. Check in the file to find the link text. The text will be surrounded by several php codes. You have to be careful to make sure you do not alter any code. Find the text and change it. Enter a personalized text. Access your WordPress site to check if the change has been effected. The footer text you entered should be visible on your link. If did not work, you can restore the file and make another attempt.

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