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Reasons to have a contact form

Posted at — Feb 24, 2015

It has become common practice for most websites to provide contact numbers and e-mail addresses where their visitors can contact them. However, having a contact form on your website has a lot of benefits to it that you might not realize now. Here are the ten reasons why it’s a good idea to have a contact form on your website:

have a contact form

Contact forms are secure

. In most cases, the information that is sent through a contact form is more secure than those that are sent through e-mails messages. This is ideal for users who are required to provide private or sensitive data.

Contact forms are convenient.

If you have a contact form available in your web page, it makes it easier for visitors to contact you. You are relieving them of having to open their e-mail on another window to be able to send you their inquiry. Using a ready-to-use simple email form like this one, you can quickly add a contact form to your website

You can extract more information.

By asking your visitors to provide information on contact forms such as their e-mail address, names, location, contact number and any other information you feel you might be able to use, you are also extracting key data that you use to build your database. This will allow you to follow the lead more efficiently.

It makes you available at all hours.

If you simply provide them with a contact number, unless you have a 24/7 call center at hand, you would not be able to respond to your inquirers immediately. By giving them a contact form to fill, they can access you any time of any day and you wills surely get their message.

have a contact form

Contact forms are easy to customize.

You can design your contact form in a way that it forces the visitor to only give you the necessary information regarding why they have contacted you.

It allows you to provide better service.

A contact form, in the long run, can help you improve your products and services. This is so, because you are encouraging your clients and visitors to inform you about anything that they feel like they should address to you. You can then take their suggestions and improve your business.

Contact forms are effective as call to actions.

People unknowingly provide a ton on vital information when filling out contact forms which you can then use to generate lead.

It makes data manageable.

You can easily analyze and categorize the data that is being fed to you through contact forms. You can turn it into a database and analyze what kind of people reach out to you, who they are mostly and how you can target this demographic. Using an HTML contact form generator it is possible to build even more powerful lead capture forms.

Contact forms are mobile device friendly.

Having a contact form on your website will free your visitors of the burden of having to type out an email on their mobile devices.

You can use it to collect funds.

If you can customize your contact forms to include a space where visitors can make donations by putting in their financial information. This is something you cannot do with e-mails.

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