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5-Step Guide to Ebook Creation

Posted at — Jun 19, 2016

People today are so into anything digital that many are interested in getting into the world of electronic technology. That includes eBooks. But where do you begin in creating your very first eBook? Here is your 5-step easy guide to creating one.

Pick a topic

creating ebooks

Of course the topic has to be something you are passionate about to be able to write about it. Other than your basic knowledge, you may research about it to gather necessary information. You may pick something common but exceptional enough to create an interest and not a topic that is so out of sync people can’t relate.

Issues about money, weight and life in general are common yet they are the kinds that make a good topic. You may choose one that discusses about how to make money, how to have a meaningful or purposeful life, or ways to lose weight, how to maintain a relationship, etc.

Your interest in what you plan to write is important because you will do several revisions and rewrites before you get it right and completed. It is only through your dedication in it will you be able to create the eBook, one that people will learn something from so that they’d be willing to buy it.

Outline its contents

The information you gathered during your research will have to be sorted accordingly. This is why it is important to outline the contents of your eBook so you can incorporate bits and pieces of your research.

First, draft individual chapters in a sequential manner so that it reads clearly and is easy to follow.

Start filling in each chapter

creating ebooks

What you wish to detail may now be included in each chapter where they appropriately belong. Personal experiences give a touch of credibility so you may consider including some into your book. If you are writing about weight loss or moving on after a heartbreak, what better way to make the book truthful than by sharing how you managed, right? People will always be interested to look into something they don’t know.

Graphics make great addition to book pages, ones that are significant to a particular chapter for instance. Some of the best-selling eBooks contained photos that helped shortened lengthy explanations into brief but more comprehensible texts.

Proofread the contents

Once you are done writing, rest for a while then proofread the contents. Rest is important because after seeing so many letters and words again and again, you will miss some that just don’t make sense at all. Another great way of proofreading is to have someone else do it. A pair of fresh eyes can spot what you may have missed. If you must hire a proofreader, then do so because a well-worded book is what creates credibility.

Make a great cover

Notice how a certain book cover draws your attention when scanning several selections? It may be the image used or the design itself but that’s how important book covers are. The same goes for your eBook. Create a great cover for it so that it grabs attention, something that lets viewers an exciting glimpse of its contents. If you have the knack for it, you can do it yourself or you may hire a designer for a more professional looking cover.

Creating an eBook can be fun. You can create it any way you want or any size you wish as long as you aim to share something beneficial to people. How you price it may depend not only on its size and contents but by how much was put into it to complete it.

If you don’t have your own website to publish your book, consider other sites that publish and provide feedback on digital products such as eBooks. For first timers, you may want to give a try. It allows other writers to read your book and give their feedback on it. If you are a fan of fiction and wish to write one, may help open the doors for you. The important thing is you start unleashing that talent and with the help of this guide, you might as well be on your way.

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