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10 Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Subscriber Opt-ins

Posted at — Jul 22, 2016

_10 Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Subscriber Opt-ins While we all know how the money is in the list and all that, when it comes to walking the walk of list building, a lot of bloggers get cold feet._

Bloggers are at such an advantage when it comes to list building – and they don’t even realize it! They are surrounded by all this great content, great readers and incredible social know-how.

All of those characteristics can make for a big list.

But even with all these advantages right at a blogger’s fingertips, list building is one of the last things on a blogger’s mind.

First there’s the tech stuff, then responding to readers and then a host of other things that need attention first.  And unfortunately, building a subscriber list gets pushed back another day and another day until finally it’s neglected.

What can you do to get subscriber opt-ins almost on auto-pilot?

Start with your Blog

The good news is that you can grow your subscriber list fairly quickly just by making some changes on your blog.  Here are 10 ways to target your blog for capturing opt-ins:

  1. Write compelling content every time. Your blog’s content is the catalyst that drives readers to subscribe to your list.  Compelling blog posts are the first place to start when revamping your blog for growing your subscriber list.  If it’s not compelling, it’s not worth publishing. See How to Write an Awesome Blog Entry
  2. Give your readers a reason why they should join your list. Will they get a newsletter?  Will they get a free report?  Whatever you are giving them, make sure to show it off.
  3. Use Testimonials. Testimonials aren’t just for selling items – they are great for free items as well.  Testimonials solidify your expertise on the subject.  They are impactful and show that others have received and enjoyed your product.
  4. Use an opt-in plugin. Besides having an opt-in on the sidebar, an opt-in plugin will allow you to have one at the bottom of your posts and even as a pop-up.  An opt-in plugin can even be customized to match your site.  While there are some nice free ones, the most effective ones usually come at a cost (about $47).  Remember, quality and appearance are top priorities – an unattractive form is useless for converting readers into subscribers.
  5. 10 Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Subscriber Opt-insInstall a Hello Bar. The Hello Bar is a neat little bar that runs across the top of your blog.  You can put whatever message you want on it and then a link to a destination of your choice.  This is a great way to direct readers over to your opt-in.
  6. Create a dedicated subscription page on your blog. Creating a page gives readers a place they can go to see what all your blog offers them for opting-in.  You can showcase the benefits of joining your mailing list and tell them more about the freebie they will receive.
  7. Write a post about it. As a blogger, you produce a lot of content – why not write a post about the free offer you have.  Mention a few things about what makes your newsletter a must-have.  Readers don’t always look for a place to opt-in, sometimes you have to walk them over to it.
  8. Make video posts about your offer. YouTube is the second most widely used search engine.  Make a short video about your free offer and post it on your blog and on you tube.  Watch as the views convert into subscribers.
  9. Show social proof. If you have a high number of Twitter followers or Facebook fans, show this on your blog.  Social proof is very impactful in motivating people to join you.  People like to be part of a group and if yours is a bustling place to be, then they will join in.
  10. And finally, subscribe to other blogs. Call it curiosity.  Call it spying.  Call it whatever you want, but you need to see the process that others use for opt-ins.  This is an important part to mastering your own process.  Check out what they do and model it.

A Subscriber-Friendly Blog Attracts Subscribers…

Your blog is a hub of information on your niche. The second thing after generating traffic is the list.  Using it to grow your subscriber opt-ins not only makes sense but it gives you a dedicated audience for the future.  You may eventually create a product or service, you are already at an advantage by having an instant audience also called your list.

Blog subscribers can be the most loyal and receptive subscribers as they already know, like and trust you.  Keep growing your list and you’ll have one of the greatest assets any business can have.

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