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3 Awesome Tips for a Happier Life

Posted at — Feb 5, 2016

Happy lifeWhat is life? There are so many answers to this question but ask yourself another question, what is self-reliant life? Well, it is the kind of lifestyle in which you take responsibility in everything that revolves around your life. There are many skills that you can adopt to live a self reliant life, we will look at some.

Setting the Direction

Getting to the Task

To accomplish your list of goals, create a schedule. You can start off with a daily or weekly schedule. If you aren’t used to schedules, then a to-do list will do you good. As long as you meet the deadlines on your list on time, then you won’t have to worry about catching up on unfinished tasks. With the current trend in technology, many awesome task management apps like planner notebooks, Google Calendar and other scheduling apps are available electronically.

Reflection for growth

people-eyes-playing-young Find time to rest regularly in between the tasks, it is good for self reflection, relaxation and mind renewal. When your body and mind is at rest, your emotions, mental state and physique replenish with positive energy, even after you handled an unforeseen event or crisis.

Did you know that when your mind is at rest from a task, chances are high that you set up new goals after evaluating what you have done? When you strive excessively to accomplish a task you will easily get lost and end up losing track of your long term goals. When you sway off track, you will find it difficult to judge your progress since you pushed too hard. Worst of all, it becomes harder to determine if any changes can be made to rectify the mistake you made.

Stay Smart, Manage Money

How you manage your money determines how you live a self reliance life. Open up a checking account by first understanding what the requirements are for the type of bank you pick as some banks might charge some fee.

Don’t set your target too high when choosing the type of account to open, avoid accounts that require a minimum balance to avoid penalties. This occurs when your savings drop below the required limit. pexels-photo-12211 Understand the banks policies, find out the duration between the time you place a deposit and when the money reflects in your account. Is there any difference in the type of deposits you make? In any case, you want to avoid any overdraft protection plan, the fee always add up rapidly.

Remember to monitor your account records each week and give yourself a saving target/ amount in which your savings will never go below say $50 or $20 it could even be more depending on your goal.

Closing notes

Remember the journey to a thousand miles always begin with a single step, the instructions may seem simple but to make them a habit will take time. Always reward yourself for achieving your daily or weekly tasks as they pave path for success in your long time goals and most importantly it slowly makes you self reliant.

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