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How to Write a Good Blog Post

I know most of you will skip this article thinking its does not hold much importance, but recommend you all to read this article at least one. You will loose nothing but gain something. I’ve seen many articles that are very well written but not well presented. In order, this should not happen to you, here is my today’s article where I’ll tell you some points that will help you to write a good blog post. Lets start :

Write eye catching post title

If you are on WordPress, you can write two titles for a single post. First title to catch readers attention and second title for search engine optimization. When selecting a heading for your article make sure it is short and attractive. Heading should be interesting and should match the post content. This will increase the click through rate and will get more page visits.

Make post title SEO friendly

As told above, WordPress helps you to write two post titles. How ? I’ll tell you. You can do it by installing a plugin called All in One SEO pack. It allows you to write a different post title for search engines.

After writing your article, you can write another title, meta description and give meta tags by navigating the same page below, this is what you will see :How to Write a Good Blog Post

Now, the question is what is an Search Engine friendly post title. Below are two post titles for a single post :

  1. Amazing Waterfall Pix
  2. Amazing Waterfall images

Which is better in terms of search engines ? The answer is the second one because it includes the word “images” that is more commonly used and searched than the word “pix”. So, in this way always use those words in post title that are commonly searched.

Short introduction

You article’s introduction should be of 5-6 lines not more than that. Always remember that you’ve only one chance to impress your readers through your article , so the introduction should not be too long that your reader loose interest in your article. To,make the introductory paragraph more attractive you can give related link to previous articles and can also add thumbnails.

No grammatical and spelling mistakes

Well, your article should not have any grammatical and spelling mistake, by default WordPress gives an option to run a spell check and includes 11 languages. Have a look :How to Write a Good Blog Post

Is the content already written ?

Before writing any post make a search and confirm that the content you are writing is new or already discussed in “xyz” blog. If it is already discussed then gather some new points and make your article new and spicy by adding those points. There is no use of rewriting same content again.

Ask for comments and feedback

In order to interact with your readers always ask for comments and feedback in the end of the post. This will help you to get more comments to your post.

Use bullets

Always remember one thing, no ones likes to read that long paragraphs, so always try to write short and in points. Try it once and your readers will enjoy reading your article.

Give screenshots

To make your post more appealing always start your post with a matching screenshot. You can search for images from Flickr. Do not forget to give credits.

Re-read your blog post

It is good to read your post at least 3-4 times before publishing it. It it my personal experience that while reading your post you will get alot of new ideas on how to improve it.


Interlink your previous articles with suitable keyword before publishing your. Want to know about interlinking in detail ?

Some more useful points here:

Great techniques for better reading posts and articles

Having a prearranged or structured day means having an industrious day. When we are prepared in the precise approach, we can achieve more because we don’t fritter away time probing for the next fixation to do. Being orderly means functioning in a manner that is well thought-out and unruffled. It means staying away from frenetic multitasking that result to poor performance and incomplete work. This is obviously not a good sign of progress to the company or the person involved. The same applies to the web world. In order to write lucratively for web, you need to keep in mind that good and great content is not the only requirement in being successful in this particular field. Yes, you must have what the readers want the most but also your way of presenting your content brings about a huge difference.

If you want people to keep on coming for more in your web then you most cover a multifarious topic that can easily be broken into a progression of posts then have your paragraphs structured properly preferably in the inverted pyramid approach. Once that is done here are some straightforward design techniques that will make your content more appealing and also reader friendly. Keep in mind that featuring one idea per paragraph and keeping them short but informative plays a huge deal in attracting the targeted readers.

a. Always break your content into subheadings

Having a capturing heading is a key factor in attracting readers this is then made better by the availability of interesting subheadings that keep the reader engaged and yearning for more information. The subheadings must be fascinating and also informative. Do not over exaggerate on the facts otherwise the readers may lose credibility in your content.

bullet listsb. Always make use of bulleted lists

This helps in creating irresistible fascinations to your readers it also helps in presenting manifold points that are easily scanned. Most importantly a bulleted list creates a different look that is easily captured by the reader.

c. Make use of premeditated formatting and deep captions

Use of deep captions is so effective when paired with an image especially when the captions are two to three sentences long. They create such an attractive aspect that ensures the readers stay glued to your article till the end. Strategic formatting helps in putting more emphasis to your wed its put into use by may be bolding the most important concepts in the article. It’s spotted by just a single glance.

d. Adding the most relevant links

HyperlinkThe use of both internal and external links in your content makes most readers to trust and believe in your information. The frequent use of internal links keeps a lot of readers in your site and also reading your most excellent materials while the external links show that you did the necessary research that is needed in writing the article.

Once you have used the above mentioned techniques, it’s important to go through your content once again to ensure that there no minor errors in the article that might end up annoying the reader and most of all making the reader to lose interest in your writing.


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Get More Conversions: Tips for Optimizing Your Online Sales Page

sales page sample A sales page is the most important tool for closing online sales. Its design and how well it relates to visitors determines whether conversion rates will go up or down. A common mistake made by most websites is optimizing their sales pages just to attract traffic. If the pages are not congruent to the needs of the visitors, the visitors will be skeptical of the products that are being sold. It is therefore important to have an understanding of how your customers’ minds work while optimizing your sales page. There are certain sales page optimization tips that you can use to your advantage.

Have a catchy headline

At some point in time in your lifetime you must have bought a newspaper simply because of its headline. The headline is equally important to a sales page. New marketers often rush through this process and end up having a headline that is generic and uninteresting. A headline is meant to help you accomplish one of the most difficult aspects of marketing: capturing people’s attention. A catchy headline will get people wanting to read the other lines that follow.

An example of a catchy headline is one that makes a promise. The promise should be of an intriguing result that the reader would most definitely want. You can also include an objection to be handled and a timeframe. An example of such a headline is “Make $3000 in 6 Months (Even if You Have a Full Time Job)”. Such a headline will make people want to move the next part of your sales page.

Properly structure the product description

In your description of the product you are selling, ensure that you include keywords, but not too many. Use lots of words and phrases that relate to the product. This will enhance the probability of your sales page being accessed by a casual surfer or anyone seeking your kind of product. Explain the benefits that people will get if they buy your product. For example, you can say “Are you a small business owner interested in doubling your online revenue this year? Download the eBook to find out how.” The words used in describing the product, which in this case is an eBook, should be compelling enough to make the readers become emotionally connected to the product. They should see and feel how the product will help them achieve the desired results. Use subheads to make the product description easier to read and to add more attention-grabbing promises.

Avoid distractions

You should remove all distractions from your sales page. Distractions, no matter how tiny they may appear, have the potential of making a potential customer click away from your page. They include extraneous links that send customers away from your sales page, videos that are not hosted by you, and extra words and photos that don’t support the core sales message.

Include testimonials

Testimonials are one of the strongest selling points on a sales page. They make it easier to convince potential customers to spend money on the product being offered. They also show the different ways in which people have successfully used a product or service. If your product or service is a new one and thus lacking testimonials, you can ask some friends to review it. You can then use their feedback to come up with testimonials. You should then work toward getting as many testimonials as possible from new customers.

An engaging design

An important aspect of a sales page is its design. This is because it is the first sign that the product or service being offered will be of great help. The call-to-action button is the most important element for conversions. It therefore needs to stand out. Your call-to-action button should be different from other elements of the sales page to make it easily identifiable within a few seconds of visiting the page. This can be through its design and color.

It is also important to establish a clear visual hierarchy. Visitors should be able to easily follow information in the desired order. The design should therefore be such that it encourages them to start with the headline, moving to the center and finally to the end without the eye path being disturbed. Images used should also give directional cues. An arrow can be used to show the location of the call-to-action button.

Tracking conversion rates

Once you successfully complete your sales page optimization, you should then track your conversion rates. You can monitor these rates in real time by using tracker software that shows traffic sources and measures conversions such as Google Analytics. You can then use the information obtained to improve your marketing campaigns and increase sales.

How to create an awesome sales page

[Sales page image from:]

The top website marketing strategies

There is a lot of hype about online businesses in this day and age. Many claim that they can be more profitable because they can attract customers from all over the world apart from being able to keep their operating costs low. However, many people start websites every day with a similar goal in mind, making the internet a crowded place for one who does not know how to utilize the proper marketing strategies to stand out. Whether you are running an ecommerce site or a normal website, it is necessary to use special tactics to market your website so as to ensure that it attracts a lot of traffic that has a high conversion ratio.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization and entails using internet marketing strategies that make a website popular in search engines such that it ranks highly whenever someone searches certain keywords. If you optimize your website around a number of relevant keywords, you are likely to rank well. This will in turn result to more traffic to your site, considering that a large percentage of people usually click on links to websites that appear on the first pages of search engine results. SEO involves writing catchy meta titles and meta descriptions, which help to increase click through rates to a website. This will in turn improve the conversion rates.
SEO is often one of the cheapest and most reliable method of marketing websites since it generates organic traffic. This type of traffic is considered to be really good since those visiting your website are already interested in whatever products or services you are selling. You may need to hire an SEO specialist in order to develop an effective SEO strategy. This could involve the use of various techniques including content marketing, article distribution, link building and other techniques that ultimately help you attract traffic to your website.

Social media marketing

With the increase in the number of people using social media, businesses cannot afford to overlook the power of this tool in their marketing campaigns. If you can create lasting connections with people who are interested in whatever you have on sale, it is easy to maximize earnings for the business. You may opt to use various social media platforms for your marketing campaigns. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular ones as they help to keep your connections informed about whatever developments are taking place in the business. You social media marketing campaigns could involve sharing posts or articles with your connections, which often attract likes, followers and comments, which is a plus in your marketing campaign. Social media also enables you to keep an eye on the reputation of your business as people are more likely to send their comments online.

Offline marketing strategies

It is also important to avoid overlooking the power of offline marketing strategies in generating traffic. This could be through having the website’s URL printed on different stationery, merchandise and even on the packaging of the firm’s products in order to attract visitors. It is also important to consider paying for ads on TV or Radio to publicize your website among people who would be interested in buying your products or services. Word of mouth can also be a great way to market your website among different people.

How to Avoid Pitfalls When You Buy Website Traffic

You are now probably aware that for an online marketing campaign to be successful, it is essential to generate a good targeted traffic. Buying website traffic is a good strategy, especially in this age of competitive online marketing where everything seems to revolve on search engine optimization(SEO). SEO takes time. Whereas you can buy traffic literally overnight.

Sometimes, buying traffic can help you rank higher in the search engines because the more people see your content better are the chances you getting featured in other websites and blogs.

Types of website traffic

There are many online services that sell traffic. In order to choose which service to avail, you need to understand the main types of traffic available.

Website Advertisements

Basically, these are Banners/Advertisements placed on other websites. When you buy website traffic, you can expect to get genuine internet users to visit your web page. Usually, they have never heard about your page, but will be interested to avail of the products or services you offer. Some ways of making this type of traffic is to advertise on Adwords and BuySellAds.

Google Adwords

The advantage of Google Adwords is that you can start with a smaller budget and optimize over time. Once you have found the ads that works well in your niche, you can move on to other ad networks.

AdWords basics in 90 seconds

Google AdWords Display Network

BuySell Ads

You can buy banner impressions, tweets or email ad placements from BuySellAds. The advantage of this popular platform is that you can choose the segments and the websites where you want to place the advertisement.

Social Traffic

This type of traffic is interesting.What works in Social media is viral, interesting, shareable content. Social traffic includes traffics generated through YouTube views, Twitter followers, Instagram likes and Facebook likes. The social media power may seem crazy, but if properly harnessed, it can bring you endless business opportunities.

Straightening things up to avoid pitfalls

While we cannot overemphasize the importance of buying website traffic, you will end up wasting a substantial amount of money if the traffic is not targeted enough. You will get a big traffic spike, but no substantial sales. Before paying anything in order to gain website traffic, here are some things you first need to straighten up, otherwise, your investment can be wasted.

Optimize the Landing Page

Although it may sound pretty obvious, hundreds of companies lose money on their online campaigns because the landing page does not take your visitors to the next action. The visitors come and go without becoming a lead. So optimize the landing page and collect the leads- email subscription or facebook like or re-tweet.

Ensure that you draw traffic to the right place

Make sure that you are drawing traffic to the right pages. Sending site visitors to pages that are not related to the topics advertised on Adwords or any other platform is the ultimate recipe for disaster. Instead of directing traffic to your homepage, send them to more specific pages can spell the difference for your campaign.

Reach the right people

It would be unwise to target geographical locations that you can’t serve. It will be a massive waste of money on your marketing campaign. Make sure that you are reaching the right people who are interested in your products or services. Both Adsense and facebook ads allow you to laser target the audience.

Monitor the results

Monitoring the results of your campaign will help you measure the success of your campaign. Just checking the conversion ratio is not enough. Segment the visitors (by region, time of day, source etc) and see what segments convert better. Optimize for those segments. Optimize the

There are many other techniques to generate traffic, and buying traffic is one that gives you quick results. With proper monitoring and optimization, you can get great results.